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Light and Shadow

Who We Are?


To improve the lives of families and communities impacted by trauma and dis-investment In the Chicago metropolitan area.


To create compassionate and caring opportunities that invite others to envision a better future and equip them with tools to realize that future. To empower and position those we serve with resources to heal and grow into vibrant individuals and communities.


Beliefs and Values

  • Family - We believe that we are all connected by blood, bond, and/or purpose

  • Community – We believe in a unified community with shared vision aimed at improving the lives of low to moderate-income families and communities in the Chicago metropolitan area.

  • Restoration - We believe society has a responsibility to restore to wholeness families and communities who have been broken by violence, trauma, disinvestment and structural inequities

  • Mental Health - We believe it is our collective responsibility to remove the stigma of mental health and empower individuals and families with resources to gain the support they need.

  • Education – We believe it is our responsibility to prepare future generations with education that affirms their identity as individuals, exposes them to wealth-building practices, while positioning them to be extremely competitive in the market-place and their future academic endeavors.

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